Summer Camp

IMG 0531 1024x768Summer camp is the signature program of Camp of Dreams.  While the format of camp has evolved since its inception in 2003, the ideals and values of learning new skills, working in a group, and making new and long-lasting friends have been staples of camp life.

For the past few summers, we have held five weeks of day camp at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Center (AMC) at 4421 S. State St. with overnight camp for a week in Oregon, IL at the site of the Lutheran Outdoors Ministries Center.  Children between the ages of 8 and 15 attend camp.

Day camp offers our "Dreamers" a plethora of activities and a lot of fun.  Aside from visual and performing arts, sports, computer skills, and field trips, we sponsor special programs as well.  For instance, in 2017 we featured a bit of a twist on the S.T.E.M. curriculum that many schools and extracurricular programs offer. We included an "R" for reading and recreation and an "A" for arts so that we were camping "UpSTREAM."

In 2018 Hughes Who Technologies, a program for youth, worked with our children to produce video vignettes featuring original artwork and stories. 

Once we take a bus for a week of overnight camping, our "Dreamers" have opportunities for many outdoor games in addition to fishing, swimming, canoeing, hiking, science, archery, and nature study.  The week culminates with an overnight camping activity where dinner is cooked over a campfire. Enjoying a starlit night and eating s'mores caps off an experience that will last a lifetime.The experience of being away from home in a trusting group environment fosters independence and confidence building. 

Interested families should contact the Camp of Dreams office at 312-649-5551 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..