After School

An after-school program was part of the original format when Camp of Dreams was founded in 2003.  After an absence of a number of years, the program was resumed in 2012 via a partnership with Bronzeville Lighthouse Charter School  (BZLCS) whose students attended the afternoon program.

Today we work with the offshoot of BZLCS, Bronzeville Academy at 4930 S. Cottage Grove Ave.  Five days a week beginning at 4 p.m. (noon on Fridays), as many as 30 students, grades K-8, begin their interaction with our staff for homework assistance, recreation, games, snacks, and fun.  

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Our program director Antoine Crenshaw develops the curriculum, supervises the staff, and is directly involved with the students.  He has two or three instructors working with the students on a daily basis.  

As the school day ends, students continuing in our program first receive a nutritional snack followed by an opportunity to participate in a brief physical activity to unwind and relax.  Afterward, half the students complete homework with adult support and receive academic tutoring in reading and math skills. The other half participate in enrichment activities (art, dance, sports, cultural exploration, Spanish, conflict resolution). The two groups switch places midway through the afternoon.

To conclude the afternoon, a reading and story time session further supports the learning of Camp of Dreams youth participants.  Other activities will include field trips to museums, presentations by cultural arts performing groups, and guest speakers to broaden and enrich student experiences.  Service learning activities will also be incorporated.

Twice a year, Camp of Dreams hosts a family celebration to recognize the participation of youth and showcase their successes.