Camp of Dreams explicitly strives in its hiring and board selection to assemble ethnically and socio-economically diverse leadership teams. Our staff brings a range of qualifications and perspectives to its programs. The summer staff includes a diverse mix of teachers, artists, professionals, and college students, and the school-year staff adds university and high school student volunteers to our programs.

Executive Director: Antoinette Wright

Antoinette joined the Camp of Dreams in August 2012 as part of Executive Service Corps' pool of Interim Executive Directors. Antoinette specializes in change management, project/event management, strategic fund development and not-for-profit management. She has worked for non-profits for more than 30 years in senior management positions, including serving as President and CEO of the DuSable Museum of African American History and Director of Administration and Assistant Treasurer of the Donor Forum of Chicago. Antoinette is a grant reviewer for the Institute of Museums and Library Services and serves as board member for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation as well as the National Parks Conservation Association. She has served on both national and local boards in various capacities. Antoinette considers her most valuable skills to be financial management and the ability to think outside of the box. In the fall of 2014, the "interim" title was taken off Antoinette's job description as she became our executive director.

Program Director: Antoine Crenshaw

Antoine Crenshaw has more than 20 years’ experience working with young people in the field of education.  He has taught at the pre-K, elementary and secondary levels in addition to two semesters’ experience in higher education.

Having taught basic subjects at the elementary level (third and fifth grades), Antoine also has experience with high school students at Academy of Our Lady, Hales Franciscan and Robeson High School in the subjects of literature, geography, world history, world religions, music appreciation, French, African American history, and religious studies.  Throughout his teaching career, he has understood the importance of speaking another language. Thus, he has taught Spanish on all levels.  Back in 2012, Antoine first joined the Camp of Dreams’ staff as our Spanish instructor, and he continues to work with our Dreamers as they are introduced to a foreign language.

 In addition to modern languages, Antoine brings 30 years' experience to youth mentoring.  Through parochial organizations, he has been a summer camp counselor, and assistant and co-camp director.  Adding to his camp leadership experience, he has served as a porogram director for a local non-for-profit organization.  

Administrative Assistant: Brenda LeMay:

Brenda joined the Camp of Dreams staff in September of 2012. Brenda has always been passionate about working with youth. Over the years she has served in various administrative positions with the YMCA Metropolitian Chicago. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, camping, dancing, storytelling, and Chicago's arts and cultural scene.


Lori Bibbs has worked in our after-school program since the 2013-14 school year. The Tuesday "Cultural Explorers" workshops provide children an opportunity to learn about other countries and cultures as they journey on an imaginative trip around the world. Some of the fun educational lessons range from decorating paper sugar skulls, parading around as dragon dancers, celebrating different "Festival of Lights" holidays, and cooking latkes and fried rice.

Outside of the Camp of Dreams environment, her professional career largely involves youth and early childhood development and education in traditional classroom and non-traditional learning settings.

Programs she has developed and implemented include before and after school programs, summer camps, community events and collaborations, and museum education workshops.

Anita Goodwin began working with Camp of Dreams in September 2013. Since 1997 Anita has worked with children, teenagers, and young adults in many educational roles. As a program coordinator with

Just Because Mentoring, she developed youth resume workshops in addition to life application subjects like credit literacy and credit repair classes. The courses were designed to teach high school and college students and young adults how to avoid common credit pitfalls, the significance of a family budget, while providing tools to empower their future financial decisions.

Her traditional educational roles include substitute teaching for Prairie Hills School District 144 and Homewood School District 153. In addition, she has worked with Sullivan SES Program which assists students in math and reading.

Loretta Johnson has worked for Camp of Dreams since January 2013. A seasoned artist with over 30 years teaching experience, Ms. Johnson has worked with a diverse array of people. In addition to teaching a variety of crafts, cooking, ceramics and other arts in traditional environments, she has taught blind and mentally ill adults and special needs children. Ms. Johnson has taught in public and private schools throughout Chicago including the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools.