Camp of Dreams is proud to announce that it passed the goal of raising $50,000 set by its Board of Directors by the end of 2014.  By reaching and surpassing this target, we are able to continue to offer a quality after-school program along with our bi-monthly Community Days.  Furthermore, we are on our way to another summer of three weeks of camping for children who otherwise would not have this opportunity.

We wish to thank all of our supporters: individuals, foundations, and organizations which believe in healthy, educational, recreational, and enjoyable experiences for under-served children in the City of Chicago.  We look forward to continued support as we strive to broaden our reach to include more "Dreamers" in the days ahead.

The following donors contributed to our final 2014 drive:

Anthony Anderson*
Anonymous (3)
Carol & Marc Asselmeier
BP America, Inc.
Neal Bader
Kimberly & Thurston Bailey
Lisa Rosenberg & Howard Balikov
Jackie & Harvey Barnett
Diann & Fred Baumeister
Lana Baumeister
Zackaria Bazzi
Barbara & Arthur Berman
Dina & Ron Berne
Annette & Ken Berry
Cindy Bloomgarden
Jennifer Boehmer
Tema Edelsberg & Mark Bomback
Erin Bosack
Sharon & Bob Briskman
Gloria Brown
Lisa & David Burik
Monica Campbell
Laura & Patrick Castle
Harriett & Myron Cholden
Lisa Goldberg & Michael Cohen
Conant Family Foundation
Barbara Connell
Lori Coomes
Arlene & Harvey Coustan
Laurel Crandus
Lynn Abrahamson & Bill Crowley
Michelle & Steven Cucchiaro
Hana Layson & Adam Davis*
Emily & Eric Davis
Marcia & Ken Denberg
Julie Deutsch
Vicky & Barnaby Dinges
Holly Duran
Marilyn & Allen Eager
Francine Pepitone & Steve Erenburg*
Shelly & David Fairman
Barbara Feig
David Feinstein
Donna & Martin Field
Ken Fishbein
Thea Flaum
Susan & Jim Florsheim
Karole & Marvin Frank
Sarah & Ryan Freedman
Susan & Henry Gault
Judy & Mickey Gaynor
Gilbert Heritage Foundation*
Lee Glazer
Ethel & William Gofen
Alice & Don Goldsmith
Iris & Marty Gradman
Lyhn & Alex Green
Samuel S. & Dorothy R. Haber Family Foundation*
Bonnie & Michael Harris
Stacie Hartman
Lois & Marty Hauselman
Jill Heller
Anne-Marie & Jesse Herr
Amy & Brian Herzog
Hazel & Bud Herzog
Carol & Richard Hillsberg
Stasha Jain
Ellen & Eric Joss
Gerald Kaplan*
Kathy & Richard Kaplan
Stephen Kiraly
Sebastian Koeling
Marcia & Tom Korman
Andrea & Brian Kramer
Jill Rubel & Eric Kramer
Nancy & Fredric Kreiter
Ida & Joe Lamberti
Jules Laser
Nancy & Arthur Lasin
Dan Laytin
Janet Leeds
Cissy & Bob Lenobel
Susan & Ken Lewis
Charlene Lieber
Richard Locke
Mary Sue Lyon
Sally-Ruth May
McDonalds Corporation
Jill Kiersky Marcus
Al Meyer
Barbara Finn & Robert Merrick
Al Meyer
Andrea & Randy Needlman
Mary & Bob Nefsky
Janice & Mark Newman
Wynne Delacoma & Steve Nidetz
Amy Olswang
Dan Olswang
Oppenheimer Family Foundation*
Robert Palmer
Eileen Paroff
Jan Petry
Porat Family Foundation
Pat Price
Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation*
Jordan Reed
Carol & Woodgie Reich
Deborah & Thomas Rio
Jessica Rio
Dr. & Mrs. Louis River
Michele & Larry Rivkin
Judy Rolfe
Rosenson Family Foundation
Judy & Warner Rosenthal
Eileen Roth
John Berg & Robert Roth
Sue & Mike Rubnitz
Lynn & Gary Salit
Neal Seltzer
Ilene & Larry Schneider
Marily & Joe Schonthal
Susan & Harry Seigle
Patricia Slovak
Sue & Bob Smith
Haris Sofradzija
Ellen Soren
Joel Sternstein
John Stiefel
Karen & Zalman Usiskin
Rebecca Marcus & John Varde
Judy & Roger Wallenstein*
Robert Wayne
Michele & David Weber
Meredith & Stephen Weber
Susan Weber
Dia Weil
Tom Weinberg
Kate & Jim Weinert*
Tracy & Tony Weisman
Corrine & David Wieck
Patsy & Ron Winicour
Lisa & Joe Winograde
Jodi & Ken Wittenberg
Antoinette Wright

*Indicates Leadership Gifts

The following foundations and partners have supported Camp of Dreams over the years to help provide for our various programs. 


  • The Blum-Kovler Foundation
  • The Cashel Foundation
  • Chicago Foundation for Women
  • The Davee Foundation
  • The Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
  • The Franklin Square Foundation
  • The Merle and Meta Gross Foundation
  • The Henrietta Lange Burk Fund
  • The Houlsby Foundation
  • Hurvis Charitable Foundation
  • The IECA Foundation
  • John Merlo Sports Program

  • The McGraw Foundation
  • The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust
  • The Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation
  • The Rowe Family Foundation
  • The Colonel Stanley Reed McNeil Foundation
  • Relations Foundation
  • The Kristin Linnea Skvarla Foundation
  • The Steans Foundation
  • The Young Leaders Fund


  • LEARN Charter School
  • Bronzeville Lighthouse Charter School
  • Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund
  • Educational Endeavors
  • Executive Service Corp of Chicago
  • Rosalind Franklin Chicago Medical School ACI College Readiness Program
  • National Caucus and Center for Black Aged, Inc.
  • Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center
  • p3 mediaworks